Top 10 442oons Songs 20/21 (Video Compilation)

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Justin Lippett
Justin Lippett преди 23 часа
Lino levels braca
Karen Dewsnip
Karen Dewsnip преди ден
Karen Dewsnip
Karen Dewsnip преди ден
I CAN love u
Birk Lindgren
Birk Lindgren преди ден
The maradona song still hit hard because it’s still feels so wrong that maradona is dead 😢it’s just something that’s missing in the football world without maradona
Patolandia 2011
Patolandia 2011 преди 2 дни
My favorite is suaurez leaves barca
Daan Jaarsma
Daan Jaarsma преди 4 дни
Real are bad
Bennedict Shelukindo
Bennedict Shelukindo преди 7 дни
uh dean what was acctually in franks pocket
Kristian B
Kristian B преди 8 дни
Aguero leaves 🙁
Chriss Boyle
Chriss Boyle преди 8 дни
But England don’t want to 😂😂ℹ️
Noushin Shafagh
Noushin Shafagh преди 9 дни
dean no 1 was the worst i mean all cry
Rushda Taliep
Rushda Taliep преди 9 дни
''What do we think of man utd? shit, and what do we think shit? man utd"
Marcus Sango-Rados
Marcus Sango-Rados преди 11 дни
Rip Diego😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Letlotlo neo Mothelo
Letlotlo neo Mothelo преди 11 дни
Coemen should get the sack
Giorgi kuxianidze
Giorgi kuxianidze преди 11 дни
1,2,3 And now its only me... :(((((((((
Its_FU3G0 преди 12 дни
22:38... gets me everytime... Y did they destroy the greatest trio to have ever live?
Stanley Fitton
Stanley Fitton преди 13 дни
Honestly the Maradona one made me really sad
J Wh
J Wh преди 14 дни
I cried watching Suarez leaves Barca when it came out and I’m still crying now😭😭😭
I like how dean nows sow many netflix movies
Sandhill Crane
Sandhill Crane преди 14 дни
Number 1 and 2 get me every time.
Jan Krepindl
Jan Krepindl преди 15 дни
Okay im REALLY CRYING ON #1😭❤😭❤😭❤😭❤😭
SpringFredbear FredBear
SpringFredbear FredBear преди 15 дни
it was 4-0 and not 4-1 442oons you need to fix you videos
AndrewTOG преди 16 дни
Why did I actually cry on the last one
yeetable corey
yeetable corey преди 16 дни
Why do you make giroud so slow
Salifyanji Siwale
Salifyanji Siwale преди 17 дни
Penaldo is a great song. Why wasn't it included
Arantza Gutierrez
Arantza Gutierrez преди 18 дни
Tears brought my eyes after this song👏👏👏👏😥😥😥😥
Frosty Fire
Frosty Fire преди 19 дни
I really miss msn..
jansala21 преди 19 дни
3:00 he is not wrong tho.😂😂
Kairan Feebery
Kairan Feebery преди 19 дни
It was 3-0 to Roma, not 4-1.
Kai Runn
Kai Runn преди 20 дни
Nah legit tho still there’s a rumour messi to PSG ._.
Tom Carpenter
Tom Carpenter преди 22 дни
The Aston villa 7-1 Liverpool song
Jama Dirie
Jama Dirie преди 22 дни
#2 was my fav! Which is Diego Maradona '' Football's Golden Boy'' he is such an inspiriment!And he is Great at football he inspiried football! And he made People love football! Rest IN Peace Diego Maradona THE ''Legend'' also! Rest IN Peace Diego Maradona.''Football's Golden Boy''
Kudzanai Madzwanya
Kudzanai Madzwanya преди 23 дни
442oons is dirty minded
Sasa4 Jeremic4
Sasa4 Jeremic4 преди 23 дни
MSN 2014-2017
Aliyah Couper
Aliyah Couper преди 23 дни
I totally agree with the last one I’ve seen it so many times and cried a couple of the times
CRYMEG преди 23 дни
I can't stop crying about Suarez tranfer to Atletico
debmaster MLG
debmaster MLG преди 24 дни
19:47 great but sad song
Billy The Communist
Billy The Communist преди 25 дни
In my opinion, this is the best “top ten songs” ever
samira salmin
samira salmin преди 25 дни
Let me know your favourite song of the 2020/21 season in the comments! Or if you’ve got the time, you’re top 5 or if you’ve got even more time, you’re top 10! Adios! CREDITS
samira salmin
samira salmin преди 17 дни
Top 10 Songs: 10 Lionel Messi Leaves Barcelona 9 Gareth Bale to Tottenham Hotspur 8 Kylian Mbappe Hat-Trick! Barcelona vs Paris Saint Germain 7 Olivier Giroud Scores 4 Goals! Sevilla vs Chelsea 6 1999 Champions League Final - The Treble - Manchester United vs Bayern Munich 5 2021 Spanish Super Cup Final - Messi Red Card! - Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao 4 Bruno Fernandes Magnifico! Manchester United vs Liverpool 3 2021 World Cup Qualifier - Cristiano Ronaldo Throws The Armband! - Serbia vs Portugal 2 A-Z of Diego Maradona 1 Luis Suarez Leaves Barcelona My favourite songs are Mbappe hat trick, 1999 Champions League Final and Messi red card because the Mbappe song was very nice and I really liked it. The 1999 Champions League Final was the best treble ever but Roy Keane was very angry about the match because he was saying feckin’ words and finally the Messi Red Card video was nice because I liked it but I used to watch it only for a short.
SoaR-Ranger преди 25 дни
17:08 A-Z DIEGO MARADONA R.I.P. Diego Maradona 1960-2020
Hello There
Hello There преди 25 дни
Easily Maradona was the best tied with pele. RIP Maradona
U-Shi 2552 ❕
U-Shi 2552 ❕ преди 26 дни
I have cried from suarez leaving so many times.
Cristian Okruch
Cristian Okruch преди 27 дни
Mapped 2020 🤯🤯🤯🤯💜💚❤️👌 mapped 2021francia😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆no
ANGELINE T SHAJAN преди 27 дни
Suarez went Atletico Madrid. Suarez should be there in Barcelona. Then they will both in power. And they will lead more goals. If neymar also will be there then will be best. Three of them friends for EVER. "MSN" 💪💪💪💪
Cristian Okruch
Cristian Okruch преди 27 дни
3 00 messi più aquerou 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 💛❤️💚💜👌👌
ANGELINE T SHAJAN преди 27 дни
After Maradona dies Messi will be champion in Argentina.
ANGELINE T SHAJAN преди 27 дни
I think Messi want to join in man city then he will get a lot happiness in his life that wise everyone saying not to join in man city but he said I want to join that wise I think he is hitting everyone's Jaws. 🤣🤣🤣🤣👊👊👊
El Orlanss
El Orlanss преди 27 дни
7:35 cuchao
TheTrueDrift 909
TheTrueDrift 909 преди 28 дни
Yous should actually release that album full of there
TheTrueDrift 909
TheTrueDrift 909 преди 28 дни
kayra duran
kayra duran преди 28 дни
Check Lambola
Check Lambola преди 29 дни
Please make a song about Nicolas pepe 19
Dylan преди месец
I almost cried at the msn bit😢
Aaron Sseruwagi
Aaron Sseruwagi преди месец
Loved number 1 it was super funny
Agastya Sherpa
Agastya Sherpa преди месец
No.2 should Be A BanGa!
Oscar Radford
Oscar Radford преди месец
i cried to the last song when luis and neymar leaves
Isobel Gransden
Isobel Gransden преди месец
Every video in this I’ve watched at lease 100 times
Lőrinc Tóth
Lőrinc Tóth преди месец
The best keeper is........ Gulácsi!
Slothsetr YT
Slothsetr YT преди месец
1:42 Messi has no tattoo and in the next scene he has a tattoo
Foxgg07 преди месец
On the last rest in peace diego if you listen it is messi
Caroline Nugent
Caroline Nugent преди месец
Man United trible
Omario преди месец
FCB vs man u was legendary.
Danny Lu
Danny Lu преди месец
You know why man city loses because he don’t buy Messi
Rizwan games and vlogs
Rizwan games and vlogs преди месец
how did Neymar went to France to Spain at a single second
Marvin Mehrle
Marvin Mehrle преди месец
After this number 10 you should make a video with messi and aguero
William Jamieson
William Jamieson преди месец
Number 4 is my favourite
Balalaika Ruginho
Balalaika Ruginho преди месец
Penaldo was the best tho
joseph gaze
joseph gaze преди месец
My top 5 are messi to man city, bale to spurs, man united final 1999,bruno scoring against liverpool, and A-Z maradonna
Lucky Grimiso
Lucky Grimiso преди месец
Mess and Suarez made me cry
Jayashree Swaminathan
Jayashree Swaminathan преди месец
Ronaldo record break song
xtrm quaser
xtrm quaser преди месец
Dean should have made Suarez winning la liga
Liesbeth Van Pelt
Liesbeth Van Pelt преди месец
Mariaines E gio
Mariaines E gio преди месец
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Mariaines E gio преди месец
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moqao relau
moqao relau преди месец
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Maureen Crickard
Maureen Crickard преди месец
Diego hair look like Oreo without I ice
Dino jay plays
Dino jay plays преди месец
Messi . I’m going to city Kun I’m going to Barca
WeLoveFootball преди месец
Last 1 is sooo sad 😭
Jamie Studds
Jamie Studds преди месец
3rd- Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool 2nd- Bayern are champions again 1st-The treble
Godzilla the goose Minecraft
Godzilla the goose Minecraft преди месец
Messi at nan city would be the best thing ever
-foxwint- преди месец
I love giroud but dude the running speed lmao
Gamer Muhib
Gamer Muhib преди месец
Manc like us we've ended ur unbeaten run
San Deigo Aviation
San Deigo Aviation преди месец
It would be amazing if messi joined man city
Qhubekani Mlalazi
Qhubekani Mlalazi преди месец
mpappe is so fast
Ekene Agu
Ekene Agu преди месец
Q and a question who is your favorite youtuber slogoman or jelly
FlashyYT преди месец
the last 1 hits different
Coutinho The Goat
Coutinho The Goat преди месец
19:43 I get so much luck listening to the real song while playing Fortnite. I always win
Idris Gull
Idris Gull преди месец
22:38 toooooo much sadnesss
Damjan преди месец
I love how Mr. Miyagi is fixing that guy's leg the same way he fixes Daniel's leg in the original Karate kid.
Keryn Jeffs
Keryn Jeffs преди месец
When it. Says the boss just sacked my best friend luis is in a Barca He has 3 best friends
Footballvids преди месец
19:25 gives me chills
violet Edewor edegbe
violet Edewor edegbe преди месец
I expected Penaldo and a song about man city winning the league
RAFYTA 14 преди месец
Top 2 is the Best 🔥👌 music of the World REST IN PEACE DIEGO ARMANDO 🖤♥️🤍❤💚🧡💙💛🖤♥️🤍❤♥️🤍💙🤍💙🤍🤍💙💙🤍
FooFoo Costa Rica
FooFoo Costa Rica преди месец
Rene higuita is the best song
Oscar Skuza
Oscar Skuza преди месец
Are you going to do the “Who won the league song”.
edgar Brawler
edgar Brawler преди месец
a do ronaldo entrou
Nuria Vargas Antunez
Nuria Vargas Antunez преди месец
And Jadon Sancho first day at Man United
someone who no ones ever heard of
someone who no ones ever heard of преди месец
He hasn't even signed yet
Nuria Vargas Antunez
Nuria Vargas Antunez преди месец
In the next video Sergio Agüero first day at Barcelona
Nuria Vargas Antunez
Nuria Vargas Antunez преди месец
My moneys on man Coty
Nuria Vargas Antunez
Nuria Vargas Antunez преди месец
My moneys on real madrid
Nuria Vargas Antunez
Nuria Vargas Antunez преди месец
Is joke
Thomas Grisorio
Thomas Grisorio преди месец
Where Is the Man city Who won the legue WHHEEEEEREEEEEE4EREEEE
Michela Delvai
Michela Delvai преди месец
Hi 442oons can u do a video about Italy Turkey ? Beacuse It's the First euro 2021 match Edit: oh thanks
RIDDLES & QUIZZES преди месец
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